Mission Statement:

The Legend Has It Tours aims to be the sightseeing company for historical and paranormal tours of choice for anyone in Murphy, North Carolina.  This tour, given by professionals who care for the preservation of the past for future generations, is available for anyone who is looking for a top-notch experience.

The Thomas House rests high atop a gently rolling hillside on the outer edge of Red Boiling Springs’ city limits. One of the city’s oldest and most beautiful landmarks, it has been a vital part of the community since 1890.About Us:

In early 2011, the Cherokee County Paranormal Society, by requests from the local community, was asked to put on a paranormal symposium and tour of the town. Through the hard work of the society members and the love for accurate historical information to preserve the stories of the past, both factual and legends, The Legend Has It Tours was created.

The Legend Has It Tours prides themselves on offering highly researched historical and ghost tours in Murphy. We not only cater to tourists, but also the locals. As part of our mission to help preserve our past for the future, we donate a portion of our touring funds to local organizations that help honor and par-take in the preservation of our downtown history.

Legend Has It Tours has paired up with different organizations throughout our county including the Tourism Development Authority, The Town of Murphy, The Learning Center and Jackie Ward Foundation, Murphy High School, The Town of Andrews, Blue Ridge Ghost Tours, The Witch’s Brew, The Daily Grind and Wine, Curiosity Shop Bookstore, The Parson’s Pub, Valleytown Cultural Arts and Historical Society, Licklog Players, Murphy Art Walk, and others to help promote and preserve our rich historical past.

Anyone who is interested in ghosts, the rich history of Murphy, North Carolina or the paranormal will enjoy walking the streets of Murphy on one of our tours.

General Tour Information:

All of our tours are carefully researched. If you want to learn more about the history, the real story behind Murphy’s ghosts and historical haunted locations, then The Legends Has It Tours is the right company for you.

In trying to accommodate different needs, The Legend Has It Tours has different tours to meet your needs. The tours are offered throughout the year, while some of them are enhanced for various events.

If you have a private party, company event, school history related event, fundraiser, or just want to have pure fun, contact us for a personailzed tour.

The Legend Has It Tours with Cherokee County Paranormal Society

120 View Point Drive, Ste. D

Murphy, NC 28906

Legend Has It Tours is sponsored by
Cherokee County Paranormal Society